Baby registry checklist: create a no fuss, basic registry without the junk.

Stuck or overwhelmed with what to put on your baby registry?

When it comes to baby registries there are really only eight major categories that you need to worry about. The most important stuff you will need are: car seats/strollers, feeding, sleeping, and diapering supplies. The rest of the stuff that stores/brands say you “must register” are really optional.  I’ve included the necessities below. The list seems short, but believe me, all the basics you’ll need fit under one of these categories. You can click on each item to see my buying guides and reviews.

Stressed out? Need some ideas? Relax. You can use my picks for your own registry list

I’ve already reviewed all the essentials and put together a list of the best products in each category. Use my suggestions and top picks as a starting point or copy my entire list, the choice is yours. *I don’t mind!*

The easiest way to comparison shop and make buying easy for your loved ones is to create your registry with an online retailer like Amazon or Target.

Amazon Prime members can get goodies just for creating a baby registry. If you don’t have a Prime membership yet, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial. Even if you decide not to continue your subscription, you can still keep your registry at Amazon. The gift items change constantly, so check out this list for the most current offers.

The 8 essential types of stuff you NEED to have on your list of baby items

If you want an offline version of this list, you can use my handy printable one-page baby registry checklist pdf.

  1. Diapering
    1. Diapers (disposable or cloth)
    2. Wipes
    3. Diaper rash creams
    4. Diaper pail and liners
  2. Feeding
    1. Breast pumps and milk storage
      1. the best electric breast pumps (see this post for the best pumps if you have twins or multiples)
      2. the best manual breast pumps
    2. Bottles
    3. Formulas
    4. Nursing pads, nursing and/or pumping bras, tops, and pillows
    5. Nipple Cream
    6. Burp cloths, bibs, cleaning supplies, misc.
  3. Travel
    1. Diaper bags
    2. Car seats (infant or convertible)
    3. Carriers, slings, or wraps
    4. Strollers
    5. Portable cribs or play yards
  4. Bath time
    1. Infant tubs
    2. Soft hair brush
    3. Hooded bath towels, soaps, shampoos, lotions
  5. Sleeping and nursery stuff
    1. Changing tables
    2. Cribs
    3. Nightlights
    4. Mobiles
    5. Gliders or rockers
    6. Baby monitors
    7. White noise machines
    8. Waterproof mattress or mattress pads
    9. Linens
    10. Swaddling blankets
    11. Co-sleeping
  6. Playtime and entertainment
    1. Bouncers and/or swings
    2. Board books
    3. Toys
    4. Pacifiers
    5. Jumpers
  7. Clothing
    1. Newborn
    2. Onesies
    3. Tops
    4. Bottoms
    5. Sleepwear
    6. Winter clothing
    7. Shoes and socks
  8. Health and safety
    1. Safety gates
    2. Outlet covers
    3. Drawer latches
    4. Toilet seat locks
    5. Baby nail clippers and scissors
    6. Bulb syringes
    7. Teething toys
    8. Thermometers
    9. Baby (delicate) laundry detergent

Want to venture out on your own? Buying guide advice will help you make the right decisions.

If you would rather pick your own brands, be sure to read the baby item buying guides to avoid any costly mistakes. You’ll find out what features you need to look for (and flaws to look out for) for each type of item on the registry list.

Just click on the links up above to see my reviews of the best brands for each item.

The basic guide to putting together the perfect list for your baby shower

After you print out your checklist of essentials, check out my list of do’s and dont’s before you create your registry. While creating a baby registry may seem straightforward, there are some research tips and advice on organization that many people don’t think about. What should you include on your list? What shouldn’t you include? This is a quick read that will shave hours off of your research.